VIKASANA has published books, newsletter, periodical on various issues like herbal medicines, developmental songs, vermi compost, HIV/AIDS information, SHGs manual,watershed information, sustainable agriculture information and campaign posters, pamphlets on eradication of child labour, HIV/AIDS and sustainable agriculture practices and etc,. Do contact us to avail it.

30th Annual Report

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29th Annual Report

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28th Annual Report

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27th Annual Report

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Children bridge school Chattanahalli

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Lakshmi is only 27 years old but already the leader of Sri Lakshmi SHG of Gudehalli village. In addition to the stone work she and her husband are doing she always wanted her own income. First she did some tailoring work but now she took a loan of 10000 Rs from her SHG to start one small bangle shop. She enjoys selling the bangles in her house to people from her own and neighbor villages. Before festivals she is doing big investment as many customers ask for jewelry in this season. For example now, a few days before Ugadi festival she invested 9800 Rs in new bangles etc.


Kalama, her husband and one child live in Chikkenalli village. VIKASANA offered some health awareness programs and as the family got more interested they got support for one eco-friendly toilet. This toilet is only used by the three family members and their visitors and now, as they know more about the importance of hygienic conditions, they take care that it remains clean.